Our Story

We Currently run a 3,200 head breeding and farrowing facility, which produces approximately 70,000 animals per year.

About Fiedler Finishing Inc. and Crystal Lean LLC

Fiedler Finishing Inc. and Crystal Lean LLC is owned and operated by Paul and Stephanie Fiedler of Eastern Pope County near Westport. We have three Children Brooke, Luke, and Bryce.

Paul received his degree in Agriculture Business at Ridgewater Technical College. Stephanie received her degree in Sales & Management at St. Cloud Technical College.

We Currently run a 3,200 head breeding and farrowing facility, which produces approximately 70,000 animals per year. At 20 days old these animals are moved to our finishing facilities. We own 22,000 head of finishing space and rent another 10,000 spaces. Some of these animals will be sold for breeding stock at about 26 weeks of age. The rest will be sold to market at about 280 pounds.

Our barns are kept clean by weekly high-pressure washing. We have created an indoor climate control to keep our animals comfortable. They have 24-hour access to fresh water & feed. All piglets are provided with 24-hour heat lamps to keep them warm while they feed from the sow. To keep our herd at optimal health we take disease control seriously.

Anyone entering our sites must have prior authorization. Those allowed onto our premise must shower and put clean clothes and boots on. Anything entering our barn must be completely disinfected in our fumigation room, such as tools, light bulbs, and boxes of supplies.

We manage our swine manure in underground concrete storage pits. The manure is applied to 2600 acres of our farmland as fertilizer. Manure application happens each fall and spring. The manure is applied to our fields by using direct injection and GPS Technology.

We plant 2600 acres of corn, soybeans and edible red kidney beans. All of our own corn is fed back to our animals each year. We also own and operate a trucking company, Kodiak Express LLC. We haul all our own grain, swine and some of our feed.

There are many people involved in the day-to-day operation of our farm. We have a crew of 25 full time employees and 2 part-time. We also consult with many people who are experts in animal nutrition and health to grow high quality Pork. We consult with industry professionals dealing with crop planning, manure management and environmental management.

With all said, we as a farming family in central Minnesota are committed to  always use proper procedures to protect the well-being of every animal in our herd while providing many local jobs in our community. We will do the right thing to recycle and contribute back to our environment.