Kodiak Express

We are a small company based in Villard, MN, specializing in hauling hogs, feed, and grain!  Being in the business for over ten years, we know that our drivers are the most important piece of the puzzle…..and with every load they strive for great customer service!

Our fleet is made of all newer Volvo trucks and with our own DOT certified mechanic on hand, they are maintained and always ready to roll.  Our trailers currently operate a range of different types of trailers, again, always well maintained and updated to avoid breakdowns and to deliver the pigs in style.

Pigs CAN fly!

From Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois then across seas to China!  Kodiak is proud to have taken part of a project of transporting breeding stock to Chicago where the gilts then boarded a plane to fly out to China.

Kodiak Express does a lot of local hauling involving isowean and feeder pig movements and our market loads are currently being delivered to Storm Lake Iowa.  Kodiak also relocates gilts and has traveled through 18 of the lower 48 states.  We have had the privilege of being part of bigger projects such as delivering gilts for Mexico, China, Brazil, and Puerto Rico!

Being in the hog business for nearly 40 years, we know that biosecurity is a PIG deal!  With our brand new state of the art washout just down the road from headquarters, they clean and disinfect the trailers to make sure we don’t transfer disease.  Our drivers are also responsible for giving their truck a scrub after each load.

Along with our fleet, we also have a few owner operators that haul with us!  M&W Livestock has played an important role in Kodiak’s success the last few years, along with a few more independent drivers.

If you are interested in driving for Kodiak Express, or you’re an owner operator, we would love to hear from you!  Contact us today!