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Welcome to the Fiedler Farm!

Located in Central Minnesota Fiedler Finishing is committed to the proper procedures to protect the well-being of every animal in our herd while providing many local jobs in our community. We consult with the most knowledgeable people who are experts in animal nutrition and health to grow high quality Pork.

We are committed to recycling & contributing back to our environment.

Thank you for considering Fiedler Finishing!

Why Choose Us

Family-Owned & Operated

Owned and operated by Paul and Stephanie Fiedler of Eastern Pope County near Westport. We have three Children Brooke, Luke, and Bryce.

Proper Standard Procedures

As a farming family in central Minnesota, we will always use proper procedures to protect the well-being of every animal in our herd.

Reputable Company

We currently run a 3,200 head breeding and farrowing facility, which produces approximately 70,000 animals per year. At 20 days old these animals are moved to our finishing facilities. This produces many career opportunities for the people in our communities.

Kodiak Express Operation

We also own and operate a trucking company, Kodiak Express LLC.

Get In Touch

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